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Padrino (The Elegant Ruby Framework)

updated over 7 years ago; latest suggestion over 7 years ago

This proposal has been withdrawn...

Update: we've manually withdrawn this proposal, so there is no confusion about voting for it. If you're willing to give a presentation about 'padrino', propose one now!

I would like to attend a talk about this new framework, with a small introduction on how to use it and the capabilities of the framework, may be a live app example.


For more info: Padrino Web Site


  • C48d79540378bfeb6e302cf72a25ae8c xavierRiley suggests over 7 years ago

    I've done quite a bit of work with Padrino so I feel I could knock out a decent talk. I've already proposed a talk but I'll propose one for this and see what sticks.

  • Acd62030df551952268e84c8fff26a5b James Adam suggests over 7 years ago

    On the assumption that the proposer isn't willing to use the feedback here to give the talk themselves:

    Vestibule isn't really suited to discussion of this kind; instead I suggest that you use the mailing list to gather some support and find someone willing to propose a talk.

  • Acd62030df551952268e84c8fff26a5b James Adam suggests over 7 years ago

    On the assumption that this is a presentation that someone is willing to give:

    What are you going to cover here that isn't in the README?

    Are you sure that live-coding is essential? Unless you're using live coding to make a point ("look at all the things I'm not doing"), it can often use up time better spent at a higher level.

    I'd like to see a lot more detail in this proposal about what interests and excites you about Padrino.

  • 3f8fcabf5960ae755f6e5479e38939c9 Dave suggests over 7 years ago

    Could you clarify if you are offering to give a talk on padrino or if you want someone else to.

    I'd love to her about other frameworks as my only exposure has been with rails so far, but the opening line of this proposal suggests you want to attend a talk rather than give one.

    If you are giving the talk I'd love to here what type of apps padrino is best suited for and why it should be considered over the alternatives

  • 35773545c3bb885b42cc24ccc0d1c666 ntlk suggests over 7 years ago

    How does it compare to Rails: what are the key differences and similarities? I know that Padrino adds generators and other useful ideas from Rails, so I would like to know what kinds of apps it's more suitable for.

  • The proposal author responds over 7 years ago

    @Ryan Stenghouse as the web page says:

    "Padrino is a ruby framework built upon the Sinatra web library. Sinatra is a DSL for creating simple web applications in Ruby. Padrino was created to make it fun and easy to code more advanced web applications while still adhering to the spirit that makes Sinatra great!"

  • 0 Luke Carpenter suggests over 7 years ago

    I haven't done anything with Padrino yet, as I prefer to use Sinatra for projects I'm just starting out on as it provides a perfect blank canvas to start working on.

    However, as time goes on, I end up bolting bits of ActionDispatch and ActiveSupport on until I convert it straight to a Rails application.

    I would be very interested in seeing how easy it is to convert a decent sized (Resque admin maybe?) Sinatra application to a Padrino application, as well as seeing how it staves off the franken-rails by doing the things in ActionDispatch for you.

  • 350b1965b373b49c16a6ab8baea121a9 Ryan Stenhouse suggests over 7 years ago

    Can you explain a bit more about what Padrino is?