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DevOps with Ruby

updated over 7 years ago; latest suggestion over 7 years ago

This proposal has been withdrawn...

Update: we've manually withdrawn this proposal, so there is no confusion about voting for it. If you're willing to give a presentation about 'devops', propose one now!

How do people use Ruby for DevOps?

Are you a Chef or Puppet shop? How do they work for you?

Do you find yourself writing bash scripts in Ruby or is your DevOps platform more sophisticated?

What about monitoring and alerting using Ruby?



  • 6daf61686c049959796c9358c39ec771 Harry Marr suggests over 7 years ago

    This doesn't seem particularly focussed. Is there a particular goal? Educating Rubyists about DevOps? Making people aware of DevOps tools written in Ruby? Using Ruby as a ops scripting language / automation tool?

  • Acd62030df551952268e84c8fff26a5b James Adam suggests over 7 years ago

    Is this a talk you are offering to give, or are you asking for someone to propose a talk about the things you mention?